Quantum Life app for the go! I will be able to assist anyone, anytime, anywhere! What a fabulous tool for the practitioner on-the-go!

by Lisa Murphy at 2:44pm, 14th Apr 2012


have been in the field of biofeedback for years and have seen people get phenomenal results from stress relief and pain management. The technology has caught up in size and application and this new app goes with me anywhere. I could feel it working on the first application. You guys have a winner.

by John Sargant at 2:44pm, 14th Apr 2012


I used the BRAIN ENTRAINMENT headset last night and all I can tell you is that I felt SOMETHING. Both Theta and Delta were chosen so I did both. DID NOT FEEL SLEEPY with DELTA but Peter said I did not MOVE last night and did not wake up when he left. VERY NICE SLEEP. PS. I do recall that I was sleepy by bedtime and that IS UNUSUAL for me. I think this would help a lot of people with adrenal problems.

by GB at 2:44pm, 14th Apr 2012


Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations, the team that has struggled and the like will not stop there, and that boys there when participating in a group of intelligent people you not only acquire the same qualities as this group grows with this same team of Quantum life is not only what can be 100% or they go beyond and not far beyond efforts to measure the improvement and quality of its products and once again CONGRATULATIONS.

by Luky Vj at 2:44pm, 14th Apr 2012

Thank you for this fabulous tool.

There are NO limits in describing the impact the Quantum Infinity App can enrich ones life. As a lay person this App is the BEST investment I have ever made for my well being. Besides the Apps unlimited potential are the numerous free trainings that quide you step by step through the process of using it on the web site and on YouTube, to name a few.
The Quantum Infinity App is a marvel of outside the box genius in the palm of your hand, ready to help you, your family and friends in ways you cannot imagine! It has enriched my life immensely.

by NC Pittsburgh, PA

I love it!

This is a GREAT App! I Always feel good after I use it....Used it recently while traveling and it worked really well to help keep me feeling healthy throughout the trip! It's is easy to use and so portable! I love it!

by JG

Thank you!

“I use this everyday on myself and in my pets, it's great for relaxation. Thank you”

by YPM

Amazing Inf. App

for my Amazing Inf. App. I use this everyday on myself or one of my clients

by Vinayak

I love quantum infinity.

I love quantum infinity also. We are truly blessed that you are sharing your extreme knowledge with us. God bless you.

by Shirley Schwerdtfeger DeCuir

The iNfinity App can easily be used to balance the body.

The iNfinity App can easily be used to balance the body. A balanced body can more readily remain healthy. The iNfinity App is priced within reach for most anyone and training is available with the purchase.

by A Young

This has been a life saver!

This has been a life saver! It is easy to use and it is with me where ever I am. I love also how we can have customised panels to use with the program which allows us more depth. I just recently got my matrix IMprinter to do just that. Thank you!!!

by RS

I absolutely love this app...

I absolutely love this app... It's amazing for balancing the energies and is very accurate... My clients always leave smiling... Thanks for the great customer service and always keeping us up todate...

by AV

Once more time ...Thank You .....

Thank You my dear Michaela. I am very great-full of your kindness and I hope we will collaborate to each-other in the future. I have my private office in Skopje, the capitol of Republic of Macedonia and I use your programs almost every day in therapy to my patients.”
Once more time ...Thank You .....

by Dr. Al Krs