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Quantum Life Summer Specials

4 Packages To Choose From!

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New tDCS

This highly compact, tDCS tool is modeled around a USB Flash Drive. The flash drive contains an extensive tDCS Exploration Workbook: Experimentation Guide and Journal, printable information, reference material, and video suitable for printing, viewing, and/or editing on almost any PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Just set the timer on your iNfinity to 16 minutes and enjoy the enhanced benefits of Quantum Feedback at it's finest! Learn More

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$300 | Buy Now

Package #1

  • Quantum iNfinity App
  • Quantum Rife App
  • Quantum Water Harmonizer App
  • Relationship Harmonizer
  • Blue Z Water
  • Quantum Wrist Straps

The Quantum iLife/iNfinity

Our flagship product the ‘Quantum iNfinity App’ is a perfect entry tool for for both existing quantum biofeedback practitioners and for the consumer interested in Quantum Biofeedback. Enjoy Quantum Balancing On The Go.

"This is a great starter package if you are new to Quantum Biofeedback!"

Value Over $1500 Price $1097

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Package #2

  • Quantum Infinity
  • VSG (Vita Set Generator)
  • Z Water
  • Quantum Rife App
  • Quantum Water Harmonizer
  • Quantum Relationship App
  • Quanta Capsule
  • Quantum Wrist Straps
  • Quantum Bio-Conductive Energy Clay Powders,
  • Quantum Bio-Conductive Energy Aloe Vera Gel.
"This is a great package with ALL the feel goods and necessities to reach optimal health and wellness!

Value Over $2100 Price $1499

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Package #3 Do You Still Have A Life System Gen 1? Upgrade NOW!

The LIFE System Biofeedback 2nd Generation UPGRADE!

  • Includes New Device with harnesses!
  • New updated software!
  • New training Manual & Videos!

We would also like to take care of customers who purchased the LIFE System more than 10 years ago. You have to send in your old device with Parallel Port (P/P), we will send you our brand-new device and upgrade your software with Pro.9 (one license only).

Special Price $2500

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Package #4 'Quantum Laser Pack’


  • Scalarwave Laser
  • Red Probe
  • Infrared Probe
  • Blue Violet Probe
  • FREE Qifi

Value Price $9090 Special Price $5995

Package #4 Shop Now

Free with any Quantum Infinity Package

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~ Quantum Baby App ~

Have You Heard Of The VisVibeBaby App? VisVibe brings You & Your Family relief with over 20 melodies/sound tracks to select from! To start your journey, simply sit back, relax and choose your musical melodies. Each melody (playlist) has been modified (layered) with sub audial energetic signatures.

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The First Journey.. the Sleep Journey is FREE! Available in the IOS iTunes Store.