Alkaline Water Ionizers

Life Ionizers are based upon the same principle as Jupiter Ionizers however some serious modifications have been made ensuring The Life Ionizers are light years ahead of the competition.

In fact Life Ionizers have made such an impact on the alkaline water industry Kangen Water drafted an "Investigative report" in an attempt to discredit Life Ionizers. Much to Kangen's dismay their report was riddled with errors and actually did their company more harm than good. You can read Life Ionizers response here.

Alkaline Water Ionizers

Alkaline Water InoziersAcross the industry you will find both under the counter water ionizers as well as Counter Top Ionizers. The name illustrates the differences in that the under the counter ionizer is hidden from sight while the counter top is placed typically on top of your counter next to the sink. Generally, under the counter ionizers are more expensive however they both provide the best alkaline water on the planet.

Life Ionizers are the only company who have their ionizers referenced in the Physicians Desk Reference.

Check out their Press Release:
CARLSBAD, Calif. - October 15, 2008 - Physicians' Desk Reference® (PDR), the medical reference "physician's bible" for Doctors worldwide, has included the LIFE IonizerTM 7500 in the newly released 30th edition. LIFE IonizerTM is the first and only water ionizer listed in the highly respected reference manual.

What is also awesome about Life Ionizers is that they do not support MLM like most of the other Water Ionizer Companies out there. You can earn great commissions with Life Ionizers as a direct resale company but their model is NOT Based on MLM principles. Take a look at the testimonials page and read the one about "Not Making Money with MLM companies" which I think we can all agree on!

As it happens a very dear friend of ours actually owns Life Ionizers and if the owner is a representation of the product then this product can not be beat! Rick has been a vegetarian for eons and has been a raw foodist for centuries (well we think so anyway) When dealing with nutritional products we always determine the quality of the product by the owners. It is important to practice what you preach. As a company we have been blssed to see Life Ionizers grow from strenhth to strength over the years. Have you viewed their water ionizer product line yet?

Do you know that when you order a Life Ionizer, they calibrate your ionizer to your zip code ensuring the best water filtration for your area? So, if you move be sure to inform Life Ionizers as your ionizer may need a recalibration.

When it comes to water filters Life Ionizers are on the ball so to speak! One of the great benefits of water Ionizers is that the manufacturers and distributors have the ability to make certain adjustments to better suit their needs. In a sense it is like open source software coding, just open source alkaline water coding. Life Ionizers have spared no expense with the filtration system; from including dual interior filters to site specific pre filters! Heck they have even included UV Light Technology. Not to be outdone, recently Life Ionizers announced a further development called MESH Technology. In a nutchell a grid is incorporated within the ionizer. The water then flows in and through this electrically charged grid which has tremendous health benefits, increasing the pH and ORP.

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