The LIFE System Biofeedback Program Options

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The LIFE System Biofeedback

2nd Generation
  • Light, Sound and tri vector electro magnetic frequencies
  • Light diodes embedded into ankle, wrist and head sensors.
  • Thousands of LIFE frequencies now have corresponding musical tones.
  • Full spectrum light diodes
  • Similar quantum biofeedback devices generate electro-magnetic frequencies only.
  • The only true quantum biofeedback device
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The LIFE System Biofeedback

The LIFE System Biofeedback

1nd Generation
  • Tri vector electro-magnetic frequencies only
  • Multiple electrode sensors
  • Thousands of therapy options.
  • Full spectrum light diodes
  • Piggy back therapies.
  • No operator bias
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Competitive systems to The LIFE System are The CoRe Inergetix or the EPFX or QXCI/SCIO type device. The LIFE System is considered the practitioners choice device for the ease of use and intuitive software interface. The LIFE System was also the proud recipient of The Uniting Technologies Symposium Award 2007!

The CoRe Inergetix operates on a informational aspect which is similiar to radionics for the asssesment component while The CoRe Inergetix has an energetic component for therapy or corrective feedback. The LIFE System operates in a completely different manner to The CoRe Inergetix as true energetic disturbances are measured with The LIFE System whereas radionics is used with The CoRe Inergetix.

Compare with QXCI/EPFX/SCIO/Indigo

  • The QXCI/EPFX/SCIO devices are banned by the FDA with an import alert. They are no longer available for distribution.
  • The Indigo Biofeedback, the newest device offered through Bill Nelson in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Retails for $25 000usd (You can buy 2 LIFE Systems for the price of 1 Indigo System) Very difficult to learn to use and operate
  • Requires about 5 months of training before The Indigo can be used in a clinical setting Intensive training required with exorbitant education costs
  • Software tends to under perform with constant freezes and program glitches

Compare with CoRe Inergetix

Unfortunately the inventor of The CoRe Inergteix attempts to sell his machines by attacking every other technology in the industry ~ which has resulted in the CoRe Inergetix being banned from many independent energy medicine conferences.

Theory of CoRe Inergetix

In the age of the internet, people tend to believe what they read and while some of his statements may have some validity, the majority of his information lacks credibility and is just a blatant attack on his competitors. The theory of The CoRe is fundamentally different in that he maintains all quantum biofeedback devices do not actually send and receive information from the body ~ known as a biofeedback loop.

A Random Number Generator & "Coincidence" He maintains quantum biofeedback systems like The LIFE System, EPFX, SCIO or QXCI are nothing more than a random number generator (nothing could be further from the truth) The theory of CoRe Inergetix is that a pattern or "coincidence" will emerge if these random results were repeated hundreds or even thousands of times.

CoRe Dismisses Biofeedback

CoRe Inergetix theory dismisses the entire biofeedback industry including brain wave training, heart rate and galvanic skin response. Research shows these biofeedback modalities are very much accepted within the entire medical community ~ even amongst the allopathic medical community!


In summary LIFE System sends thousands of resonant frequencies into the human body and measures the ACTUAL response of the body to these items. As the body experiences a resonant frequency (herb, virus, emotion) the body will respond accordingly. This response is recorded through the harness system and displayed via the graphic software interface The CoRe Inergetix sends no such resonant frequency into the body. Instead it scans through a HUGE MEDICAL DATABASE hundreds of times and offers a result or a "coincidence" ~ totally unrelated to the actual client! It gets better….once the practitioner selects or enters any medical terminology, The CoRe Inergetix database will "record" these selections and narrow or filter the database to reflect the items the practitioner manually searched for. Each time a practitioner enters data in The CoRe, the database filters items related to their search criteria… what happens if you have no medical training or have the wrong analysis of your client? The data is not representative of your clients conditions at all ~ merely a reflection of the filtered database dependent upon your manual data input!

Therefore, the more skilled and educated a practitioner is, the better results they will obtain as their search terms "remembered" by The CoRe will reflect the clients presenting symptoms better than the data input of an unskilled practitioner.

Compare with NutriEnergetics or NES

The principles behind the NES PRO is comparing a scan via the 2 fingers against a "blueprint" of optimal health. The NES PRO then suggests specific remedies or "drivers' to bring the body back into balance. While the principle of testing an energetic disturbance between 2 fingers on the same hand leaves a lot to be desired the effectiveness of The NES PRO is due to the drivers or remedies. The drivers are considered to be very effective however the costs associated with both start up costs as well as a supplementation for your client can become quite prohibitive.

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