How the LIFE Biofeedback System Works

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Information exchange is available via the harness system attached to the forehead, ankles and wrists. The harnesses are made of carbon impregnated rubber, which allows for very low- current electrical communication through the computers USB port and a multi-functional interface box. During the testing/assessment phase a client's biofeedback response is measured in response to nearly 7,000 separate items in 39 separate categories. This process takes approximately 4 to 7 minutes depending upon the speed of the computer. The computer calculates an average value of response between 0 and 2000, which results in a list defining the individual's reactions or stress potentials. The greatest energy disturbances will be recorded and displayed at the top of the list. Each substance has its own distinctive, complex waveform, which is graphically viewed and represented by a unique fractal image. Additionally, the test matrix contains a detailed description of each substance.



The measurement made by the LIFE System is based upon the relationship between "action and reaction" by applying a challenge to the patient ("action") and measuring the reaction of the human body as it answers the challenge ("reaction").

The basic principle of the mode of action of the LIFE System device is the following: The LIFE System device sends a square wave signal with amplitude of 5 Volt, and a duty cycle of 50% to the harness. The frequency to be applied, for determination of our test, is about 47.3 kHz. The measurement current through the body is limited to a maximum of 10mA, but usually no more than 5mA or less.


The LIFE System Biofeedback Device

The LIFE System identifies the stresses on the body at the electro-magnetic level. Then, through biofeedback it provides data in the form of recommended homeopathic solutions, electro-acupuncture, meridian and naturopathic balancing, to the practitioner and client/patient in easy to understand numbers, charts and text. In designing The LIFE System great care was given to make the biofeedback software as easy to use as possible.


Bioresonance is most simply explained by using an example from nature. Surely, the oldest kind of biological resonance is our sunlight. If the sunlight touches our skin, it turns brown. This is, however, not caused by the skin warming up, otherwise we would also gain a bronzed skin tone by simply visiting the sauna. The reason for the tanning effect lies in the ultraviolet rays, which are part of the sunlight Ultraviolet light with a wave length of 10-400 nm is able to stimulate pigmentation of the skin, A regulation system integrated in our skin, which starts pigmentation when exposed exactly to this frequency of sunlight, causing it to appear tanned. Pigmentation of the skin is only one of the regulations prompted by the sunlight, another one is the stimulation of vitamin D production.


Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface. The EPFX / QXCI measures subtle electrical factors of the body. The patient is attached by the means of a head harness, ankle straps and wrist straps to a small digital box connected externally to the computer in the serial port. This small box is known as the interface box and is connected to the same port where you would normally connect the printer. By means of an automatic computer callibration, the patient's electrical parameters are measured. This is known as the "handshake" between the computer and the patient. This provides the EPFX / QXCI with a baseline from which to begin the test. Once calibration is complete the EPFX / QXCI subjects the patient to minute electrical impulses and monitors how the patient reacts in terms of a high score. A reaction score is given to each tested item. The higher the number the more specific that item is for the patient. Once the main concerns have been established and highlighted, the practitioner can then begin a more thorough investigation of the patients current state of health. A unique feature of the EPFX / QXCI is the ability to "window in" on the main concerns of the patient.

Scalar Waves

The standard definition of scalar waves is that they are created by a pair of identical (or replicant) waves (usually called the wave and its anti-wave) that are in phase spatially, but out of phase temporally. That is to say, the two waves are physically identical, but 180 0 out of phase in terms of time. The net result is that scalar waves are a whole different animal from normal hertzian waves. They even look different – like an infinitely projected movies pattern on axis. Posted: Tom Snyder


The original point probe type device developed by Bill Nelson

Chris Keser

The developer of The LIFE System, the premier quantum biofeedback device on the market.

Bill Nelson

Developer of the QXCI and SCIO.

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine includes all energetic and informational interactions resulting from self-regulation or brought about through other energy couplings to mind and body. In addition to various therapeutic energies which we may use, there are also energy pulses from the environment which influence humans and animals in a variety of ways. For instance, low-level changes in magnetic, electric, electromagnetic, acoustic, and gravitational fields often have profound effects on both biology and psychology. In addition to energies originating in the environment, it has been documented that humans are capable of generating and controlling subtle not-yet-measurable energies that seems to influence both physiologic and physical mechanisms.

Subtle Energy

Compared with energy medicine, the concept of subtle energy is more difficult to discuss in a scientific paradigm. The traditional subtle energies referred to as chi (or ki), prana, etheric energy, fohat, orgone, ruach, odic force, mana, homeopathic resonance, etc., are said to move in the so-called etheric body (subtle body), and seem to be difficult to measure at present. A number of therapeutic methods prevalent today, however, appear to be concerned with facilitating the flow of these subtle energies through the dense physical body. In addition, it is traditionally accepted that expansions of consciousness often are related to changes in subtle energies that cannot be quantified. These latter "energies," which are said to be associated with interactions and with transcendence, may not, in fact, actually be involved with known physical fields. Understanding and facilitating the use of subtle energies, both for therapeutic purposes and for the study of human potential, will perhaps open up to consciousness new (albeit traditional) depths of the human mind. If this should indeed be the case, one task of the Society will be to find and bring together those who are capable of synthesizing the two major interests of humankind: natural science and the transpersonal aspects of the human psyche. In modern terms, this might correlate with, though not be limited to, full integration of the left cortex with the right cortex and with deeper brain centers.


The International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) is an interdisciplinary organization for the study of the basic sciences and medical and therapeutic applications of subtle energies. The Society was organized in the fall of 1989 and is a non-profit public benefit corporation based in Colorado with a current membership of 1,450. Modest membership contributions support a central office in Arvada, Colorado, which serves as the ISSSEEM membership services and publications center, providing opportunity for information exchange and networking.

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is a broad term for any diagnostic method, method of treatment or therapy whose theoretical bases and techniques diverge from generally accepted medical methods. Alternatively defined in the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary as: a wide range of treatments for medical conditions that people use instead of or with western medicine: Alternative medicine includes treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy and hypnotherapy.


Biofeedback links the mind with the body through high-technology devices that allows the mind to control certain bodily functions. In this treatment method, an individual is hooked up to monitoring devices which provides an indication of how brain waves, breathing patterns, muscle activity, sweat gland function, pulse, skin temperature, and blood pressure are responding to relaxation techniques, such as meditation. "Biofeedback has been used to reduce stress, eliminate headaches, recondition injured muscles, control asthmatic attacks, and relieve pa

Biomedical Model

The Biomedical model of health is a conceptual model of illness that excludes psychological and social factors and includes only biological factors in an attempt to understand a person's illness.

Biopsychosocial Model

The Biopsychosocial model of health sees health, illness and healing as resulting from the interacting effects of events of very different types, including biological, psychological, and social factors.


CAM is an acronym for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It also includes the recent addition of integrative medicine. CAM is about alternative positions on health, healing, and illness. Complementary and alternative medicine covers a very broad range of areas from self-help to professional care and from the sensible and worthwhile to the ridiculous. Complementary and alternative medicine, as defined by NCCAM, is a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products that are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine. While some scientific evidence exists regarding some CAM therapies, for most there are key questions that are yet to be answered through well-designed scientific studies--questions such as whether these therapies are safe and whether they work for the diseases or medical conditions for which they are used. Some CAM therapies are considered to be pseudoscience, based on magical thinking rather than evidence

Complimentary Medicine

Complementary medicine refers to alternative treatments that are used alongside ("complementary to") conventional medicine, especially as palliative care.

Doctrine Of Signatures

The Doctrine of Signatures was developed around 1500 and claims that a plant's physical appearance reveals its medical value. The Doctrine of Signatures is often associated with Western herbalism.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine, as defined by NCCAM [4], combines conventional medical treatments and CAM alternative treatments for which there is some high-quality scientific evidence of their safety and effectiveness. The term Integrative Medicine has been attributed to Andrew Weil MD, but this phrase was actually coined by the Californian physician and author, Elson Haas MD.[5] "Integrative medicine is the term being used for a new movement that is being driven by the desires of consumers but that is now getting the attention of many academic health centers. Importantly, integrative medicine is not synonymous with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). It has a far larger meaning and mission in that it calls for restoration of the focus of medicine on health and healing and emphasizes the centrality of the patient-physician relationship. In addition to providing the best conventional care, integrative medicine focuses on preventive maintenance of health by paying attention to all relative components of lifestyle, including diet, exercise, stress management, and emotional well-being. It insists on patients being active participants in their health care as well as on physicians viewing patients as whole persons—minds, community members, and spiritual beings, as well as physical bodies. Finally, it asks physicians to serve as guides, role models, and mentors, as well as dispensers of therapeutic aids."[6]

Bioenergetic Medicine

Often called "energy medicine," the two main categories of bioenergetic medicine, are (1) bioelectromagnetic therapies, and (2) biofield therapies. Bioelectromagnetic medicine (BEM) utilizes external medical devices such as therapeutic magnets, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), and pulsed magnetic fields. These devices apply extremely low-level electromagnetic fields (EM) (electrical fields of the order of microamperes or less; magnetic fields generally of the order of microTesla or less) externally to the body as therapy. Biofield therapies (BT) refer to medicinal use of the human body's subtle energy using a wide variety of practices, and are administered by biofield practitioners who work with the subtle energy or biofield of the patient. The concept of the human body's subtle energy, vital force, or cosmic life energy is recognized in every medical system except allopathy. In Ayurveda, this subtle energy is known as prana, qi in traditional Chinese medicine, ki in traditional Japanese medicine, reiki in the Usui system, vital force in homeopathy, innate intelligence in chiropractic, vis medicatrix naturae in naturopathy, and olodumare in Yoruba medicine.

Quantum Biofeedback

Quantum biofeedback has taken the concept of this feedback loop and added three new components: artificial intelligence, use of electrical frequency to measure and provide therapy and a completely holistic selection of modalities to deliver that therapy.

Bioresonance Feedback Technique

BioResonance Feedback Technique ("BRFT") uses technology that detects and reads the ultra fine electromagnetic oscillations produced by every molecule, cell, organ, gland and system of your body. The BRFT machine reads the distorted frequencies associated with illness and through biological filter, separates the pathological frequencies from the body's natural frequencies.