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Quantum iLife/iNfinity Software

Instantly analyzes your health based on your unique voice signature, then through biofeedback principles balances your body to achieve optimal health. Displays percentage rectification after each and every therapy.

Rich high end graphic interface comprising of the following panels:

Brain wave analysis and monitoring, cross analysis database testing (compare any 2 separate items against one another), add your own remedies, test supplement bio-compatibility, emotional profiling, nutrition, homeopathy, body systems analysis, toxicity/stress, spinal energy flow, risk profile analysis, chakra and aura analysis, TCM meridian scan, sensitivities (food/environmental), phobia balancing, healing solfeggio tones, spiritual protection, sacred geometry and more.

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Quantum Chartes Labrynth Imprinter & Remedy Maker

Import your own products into the Quantum iLife/iNfinity software. Place any herb, nutrient, supplement or even allergen on the iMprinter test plate and import the energetic signature of this item into the software. Once imported, select SCAN to determine your clients individual reaction to that specific item.


The Quantum Life EEG Headset

The Quantum Life EEG Headset

Ever Wondered How The Brain Adjusts To Quantum Medicine?

This problem was addressed with the development of the Quantum iLife/iNfinity EEG hardware. The benefit of monitoring the brain waves real time was two fold:
1. You can stimulate certain brain states (ex. theta) to enhance the healing capabiity of the individual
2. To monitor real time, the brain activity, during sessions. Watching the various brain states slowly relax and attune to the entrainment is very powerful to both practitioner and client.


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The Quantum Life EEG Headset

The Orbie Bio-Twins

ORBIE The Bio-Twins are a wonderfully powerful and effective tool For you and your clients, as a stand alone system consisting of: The Bio -Twins Silent Delivery System - one of a kind broadcasting hand modules that when Played through the ORBIE Twins make rapid and powerful benefits to mind/ body/emotions in real time. The Exquisite internal structure of the Rods are the secret to enhancing and reinforcing your energy levels to hold strong all day long.

The BIO -TWINS are easy to use, just hold them in your hands... you won't want to put them down. These powerful, easy to use transducers are designed for use with your Quantum iNfinity for precision, focus and stimulation. They are hand made with pure intention.